Record Sealing

LV Criminal Attorney regularly represents people in sealing criminal records.

The experienced attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney can navigate the criminal justice system for you. And we will also serve as your partner through all aspects of seeking to seal your record.

The criminal division of LV Criminal Attorney provides knowledgeable, expert advice, and competent representation for you.

In many cases, a criminal conviction is eligible to be sealed after a certain period of time. In other cases, such as when a case is dismissed or a person is found not guilty, the criminal case may be immediately sealed. Now that marijuana is no longer a criminal offense, it is more important than ever to seal marijuana-related convictions.

Sealing the criminal case is important for background checks, having to answer questions on job applications regarding criminal convictions or arrests, and other everyday situations.

Determining when a criminal charge is eligible to be sealed can be difficult. Different crimes have different requirements. The process for having a criminal case sealed is complicated. It requires many steps and even more paperwork. Missing key steps or deadlines, sending incorrect paperwork, and/or not knowing what to do if the district attorney opposes your request to seal can all result in disaster.

Successfully sealing a criminal record requires skilled representation by an attorney who knows how to navigate the process. Call LV Criminal Attorney today to help clear your background.

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The experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney will provide you with a skilled attorney experienced in all types of record sealing. Our attorneys understand that each client’s situation is unique. Our record sealing attorneys are familiar with court procedures and are experienced record sealing attorneys. Let the Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney provide you with the experienced representation you need. Call us at 702-565-4335 to schedule a confidential consultation with a Record Sealing Attorney.