Post Conviction Relief

LV Criminal Attorney regularly represents people seeking post-conviction relief after being convicted of a crime throughout Clark County and Southern Nevada. Anyone seeking to challenge a criminal conviction needs an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney from LV Criminal Attorney to assist them. We can help by offering premium representation to seek post-conviction relief for conviction of any type of criminal charge— a misdemeanor or felony where the consequences for you are literally life or death.

The criminal attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney realize how terrifying it can be to have your liberty threatened. Our team of attorneys will fight for your freedom and protect your Constitutional rights throughout the court process. We will seek the best outcome possible for you based on the circumstances of your case.

A criminal conviction has long-lasting effects on your life. You will have many questions arise during your criminal case. Do not worry. We are here to answer those questions for you.

The experienced attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney can navigate the criminal justice system for you. And we will also serve as your partner through this challenging time as we guide you through all aspects of your criminal case.

An attorney from LV Criminal Attorney can be the legal advocate you need to achieve your desired results in a criminal case. We will work tirelessly to protect your freedom, Constitutional rights, and seek justice for those wrongly accused of a crime.

The criminal division of LV Criminal Attorney provides knowledgeable, expert advice, and competent representation for you.

Post-Conviction Relief in Nevada

         Your appeal has been denied. Now what? At this time, you have another avenue of relief called post-conviction relief. This time you will challenge what your trial attorney and your appellate attorney did wrong in your case. If the district court finds that their errors amounted to ineffective assistance of counsel, you will get a new trial.

Unlike with a trial and direct appeal, you are not entitled to an attorney for post-conviction relief. While the trial court may appoint an attorney for you, there is no guarantee. You will need skilled counsel—skilled in both trial and appellate cases, to be able to see where and how your trial and appellate attorneys went wrong. 

Experienced attorneys who are always by your side

The experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney will provide you with a skilled attorney experienced in all matters of post-conviction relief. Our attorneys understand that each client’s situation is unique. Our post-conviction relief attorneys are familiar with court procedures, rules of evidence, available claims, and are experienced post-conviction attorneys. Let the Las Vegas post-conviction relief attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney provide you with the experienced, aggressive representation you need. Call us at 702-565-4335 to schedule a confidential consultation with a Post-Conviction Relief Attorney.