Obtaining Money By False Pretenses

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The criminal attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney are experienced at representing clients facing charges of OBTAINING MONEY BY FALSE PRETENSES in Clark County and Nevada. 

In order to convict some of the crime of OBTAINING MONEY BY FALSE PRETENSES, the DA must prove the following:



A person who knowingly and designedly by any false pretense obtains from any other person any chose in action, money, goods, wares, chattels, effects or other valuable thing, including rent or the labor of another person not his or her employee, with the intent to cheat or defraud the other person, is a cheat, and, unless otherwise prescribed by law, is guilty of a felony. 


The punishment for this crime varies greatly and depends on the amount of the thing, money, and/or labor involved. In rare cases the punishment can include a misdemeanor.


Initiation of Criminal Charges

In Nevada, criminal charges, including for OBTAINING MONEY BY FALSE PRETENSES, are initiated when the Clark County District Attorney (DA) files a criminal complaint. When a person is arrested for a felony, the DA must file a criminal complaint for the criminal case to proceed. The Clark County DA files criminal charges for all cases occurring in Clark County. When criminal cases occur in other counties, the DA in that county files charges. LV Criminal Attorney will represent you in court all over the State of Nevada in your criminal case. We appear in Elko, Ely, Nye County, Washoe County, Carson City, and all of Nevada. We are here for you for whatever you need.

How People Are Charged with a Crime

Following arrest, the DA’s office quickly reviews the police report or what limited information it has at that time to determine whether there is even slight evidence that any crime was committed. If the DA even suspects that you have committed a crime, it will file a criminal complaint against you. The criminal complaint states and describes all the crimes the DA’s office thinks that you have committed. It is important to know that at the time the DA files the criminal complaint, it has not reviewed all the evidence, not reviewed witness statements, not talked with the police officers or witnesses, and does not know anything about the actual circumstances. The procedure for testing the evidence against the crimes charged comes later.

After You Are Arrested

The next step after you are arrested, and while the DA is getting the criminal complaint together to file, is that you will appear in court for a probable cause review. At this hearing, the court will consider your custody status and decide whether to release you on your own recognizance, meaning you get released without having to post bail, or release you with bail or house arrest. The court will also set the next court date for your initial arraignment on the criminal charges.

Your Custody Status

The attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney are here to protect your freedom. We can appear with you in court at your probable cause review and argue that you should be released from custody immediately with no bail and without court supervision. Depending on the alleged crime, other facts, and your circumstances, bail or house arrest may be required for people charged with OBTAINING MONEY BY FALSE PRETENSES. The attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney are familiar with the legal standards the DA must meet before it can argue to keep you in custody. And we will work to secure your freedom so that you can fight the criminal charges without being away from your family, friends, or your attorney. 

Initial Arraignment and the Criminal Complaint

After the probable cause hearing, you will then appear in court for your initial arraignment. At your initial arraignment, the DA must file the criminal complaint. You and your attorney will receive a copy of the criminal complaint. It lists and describes the criminal charges against you. The court sets a preliminary hearing. The date for when the preliminary hearing is scheduled depends on whether you are in or out of custody. 

The Preliminary Hearing

The preliminary hearing is a hearing where the DA must show the justice court that it has slight or marginal evidence that a crime was committed, and you were the one who committed it. The DA must show this to move forward with prosecuting you. At the preliminary hearing, the DA will call witnesses and your attorney will cross-examine those witnesses. The court will decide whether there was slight or marginal evidence. If the DA has not shown that there was slight or marginal evidence, the court must dismiss the case against you. If the DA shows slight or marginal evidence, your case will be bound over to the District Court and set for a jury trial.

After the Preliminary Hearing

If the justice court sends your case to the district court, the DA will file an information listing the charges against you and the witnesses to the case. You will enter a not guilty plea and decide whether to invoke your right to a speedy trial. If you are still in custody, you can again address your custody status. Your case will be set for a jury trial. At that point, your attorney will file motions challenging the evidence, investigate your case, interview witnesses, obtain experts, and meet with you to discuss your case, strategy, and potential resolution. You may want to take a plea deal, or you may choose to go to trial.

Experienced attorneys who are always by your side

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