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Battery Law in Nevada

The criminal attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney are experienced at representing clients facing charges of Battery in Clark County and Nevada.

In order to convict some of the crime of Battery, the prosecution must prove the following:

  1. Battery: 200.481


  1. means any willful and unlawful use of force or violence upon the person of another.
  2. The penalties for battery substantially increase when it is charged with battery with substantial bodily harm, battery with a deadly weapon, or battery with intent to commit a crime.



Misdemeanor Crimes

Misdemeanor crimes, including Battery, are prosecuted by city prosecutors. Each city in Clark County prosecutes misdemeanors crimes such as Battery that occur in their city. For example, the City of North Las Vegas prosecutes misdemeanors that happen in North Las Vegas while the City of Las Vegas will prosecute misdemeanor crimes that occur in Las Vegas. These are two different courts located in distinct parts of the valley. LV Criminal Attorney can appear in each of these courts to fight for you. We also appear in any other city court throughout Clark County like Henderson, Mesquite, or Pahrump.

Certain areas of Clark County are not part of a specific city. Any misdemeanor crimes including Battery that occur in these “unincorporated” parts of Clark County are prosecuted by the Clark County District Attorney (DA) and heard in Justice Court. LV Criminal Attorney can appear in Justice Court to fight the DA misdemeanor charges against you.

Initiation of Criminal Charges

In Nevada, criminal charges, including for Battery, are initiated by 1) the filing of a criminal complaint or 2) a citation is issued to appear in court. When a person is detained by police for having committed a misdemeanor, the police issue a citation to appear in court. Once the person appears in court on the misdemeanor citation, the DA may need to file a criminal complaint for the case to proceed. However, there are certain exceptions where a misdemeanor citation is not issued. When a person is suspected of committing domestic violence or DUI, for example, they are arrested, and a criminal complaint is filed.

How People Are Charged with a Crime

Following arrest or citation, the DA’s office quickly reviews the police report or what limited information it has at that time to determine whether there is even slight evidence that any crime was committed. If the DA even suspects that a crime was committed, it will file a criminal complaint against you. The criminal complaint states and describes all the crimes the DA’s office thinks that you have committed. It is important to know that at the time the DA files the criminal complaint, it has not reviewed all the evidence, not reviewed witness statements, not talked with the police officers or witnesses, and does not know anything about the actual circumstances. The procedure for testing the evidence against the crimes charged comes later.

After You Are Arrested

If you are arrested for a misdemeanor, you will appear in court for your initial appearance. At this hearing, the court will consider your custody status and whether to release you on your own recognizance, meaning you get released without having to post bail, or releasing you with bail or house arrest. You will also enter a not guilty plea and set your case for a misdemeanor trial.

Your Custody Status

The attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney are here to protect your freedom. We can appear with you in court and argue that you should be released from custody immediately with no bail and without court supervision. Depending on the circumstances, some amount of monetary bail or house arrest can occur for people charged with Battery. The attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney are familiar with the legal standards that must be met to keep you in custody. And we will fight to secure your freedom so that you can challenge the criminal charges without being isolated from your family, friends, or your attorney.

After the court decides about your custody status (release or bail), then you will appear in court for trial date.

Misdemeanor Trials

A common misconception is that every criminal case is heard by a jury of their peers. However, this is not true. In Nevada, a misdemeanor trial is in front of a judge and not a jury. The one exception in Nevada is that you are entitled to a jury trial for a misdemeanor if you are charged with a Battery Domestic Violence. Otherwise, your case will be heard by a judge.

At your initial arraignment, you will plead not guilty, and the court will set a trial date. After that, the DA must give your attorney all the evidence is has against you. You and your attorney will review the police report, investigate the charges against you, explore possible defenses, and discuss options to resolve your case. Rest assured, the experienced attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney will work to get you the best possible outcome.

Experienced attorneys who are always by your side

The experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney will provide you with a skilled attorney experienced in all matters of criminal defense, including Battery. Our attorneys understand that each client’s situation is unique. While many cases require aggressive litigation all the way through trial, others require a savvy ability to be able to negotiate the best deal possible. Our criminal defense attorneys are familiar with court procedures, rules of evidence, available defenses, and are experienced trial attorneys. Let the Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys at LV Criminal Attorney provide you with the experienced, aggressive representation you need. Call us at 702-565-4335 to schedule a confidential consultation with a Criminal Defense Attorney.